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Therapeutic activity

SATHY arranges a variety of visits to hospitals and institutions. The friendly dogs are making a positive change in the patients day. The results are very positive and especially eldelry people seems to like the wordless love given from the mans best friend.

SATHY Therapy Dog Activity is divided to two sections:

1. Hospitals and institutions are able to make a reservation for a SATHY therapy dog visit, free of charge. SATHY searches from it's records the best possible therapy dog and licensed therapy dog handler. After that the hospital and the licensed therapy dog handler makes an appointment that's okay for both sides. SATHY takes no fee for this acticity, it takes only care of the therapy dog and handler schooling.

2. For those working dog owners who really wants to do someone happy is possible to join the SATHY Therapy dog team.

SATHY-dogs visits also ordinary patients.
It's not fun to be in a hospital but it turns to pure joy when a four legged friend comes for a visit!


Most working dogs are just great with children, handicapped and elderly people. Most of the American Bulldogs, American Pit Bull Terriers, Toy Fox Terriers and Old Englishe Bulldogs that candidates to join the SATHY Therapy Dog Team are more than suitable for the job.

A licenced Therapy Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier Sophi, meets her first young friends outside the Hospital for Children. Sophi the Pit Bull seems to say to her handler "This girl needs some special attention, is it okay for me to give her a big hug?" These cool guys are also patients and visiting days in hospital far away from homw. But after having a chat with Sophi the Pit Bull they know that everything will by just all right.


The most popular and successfull therapy dog breed is the American Pit Bull Terrier. Propably the working dog background makes these dogs naturally calm and friendly to strange people.

The highlight of the day - two pit bulls!

After testing the dog and learning techniques and theory the working dog owner is ready to first make a visit with already licensed, more experienced, SATHY-therapy dog handlers. Later with some experience the dog owner will get his/her own licence and start visit new friends and really make people happy. That's what working dogs are as best!


The Therapydog affects positive to the staff, too.

Elderly people respects the visitor. Most have great own memories of dogs.



Mrs. Irja Enervi is over 100 yrs. old and she knows the working dogs. The working dogs are able to close touch without words.

A licenced SATHY therapy dog handler and her therapy dog. The photo is taken just before entering the home for elderly people. Note: this therapy dog is also the 2001 Finnish Champion in weight pulling!



Mrs. Elli's wish became true when she met this therapy Toy Fox. Mrs Elli has always been a great friend to dogs.

This Pit Bull loves to meet new friends - young or old, who cares, the important is to be close.



A valuable change for the usual day. The visit made by the therapy dog is a happening that's memory will last for days.


What's up ol'friend? The American Pit Bull Terrier knows what's on the old fellows hearth.


The friendship of a peacefull working dog is valuable.


A short break sitting in the lap of a brand new friend. It's good to have friends!



My old buddy - after all these years! A real working dog knows the value of the moment.

Sometimes it's nice just to be there - be my friend, too.


"I know you, you are my best friend."


"You are so friendly!"
The secret is the big heart.



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More info about the SATHY therapy dog activity from info@sathy.fi